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Corey Podell (Transparent, We Should Have A Podcast, The Comeback) returns to the podcast to talk about the precedential reality show, The Real World. We talk about our favorite cast members, locations, seasons, the golden age of the show before it became a fight-fuck-fest and when we stopped watching as much. We also discuss The Real World’s place as the origin point for all of MTV’s reality series that followed and many series across TV, what the show used to do better and the little known fact that I am a douche-whisperer.

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Source: SoundCloud / My Favorite Things

In today’s episode, I talk to Corey Podell about the art of storytelling, her dreamy boyfriend, how bad an idea acting is and her storytelling show, Taboo Tales!

Find Taboo Tales here.

Listen to Corey’s other podcast, We Should Have A Podcast here.

And here’s that heartbreaking story Anthony Griffith told at The Moth.

Source: SoundCloud / My Favorite Things