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My wife, Eileen Mullane returns to the podcast in this ill-conceived and ill-prepared episode where we enjoy a bleary-eyed reflection on 2015. We recorded this late after kids were asleep in bed, which should explain the meandering and any and all pauses.

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Steve Szlaga (UCB, CollegeHumor, Medium Friends) joins me and my wife (Eileen Mullane) to talk about the MTV docuseries Teen Mom and all the chaos that bubbles within it. Everything from Chelsea and Maci’s baby daddy issues to Leah and Kailyn’s marriage woes, Caitlyn and Tyler’s journey from adoption to parenthood to Amber’s incarceration and rehabilitation, Jenelle and Barbara’s tumultuous relationship and of course, Backdoor Teen Mom.

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Source: SoundCloud / My Favorite Things

My wife and I talk about our favorite shared band, Fleetwood Mac, relive some concert experiences, talk about the turmoil within the band and I give her a little surprise back on Christmas Eve.

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Source: SoundCloud / My Favorite Things